we are here to make you happy, not to  give you a nightmare transaction! We welcome any questions or concerns  on any items. We will answer them to our best of knowledge.

What you need to know about tutu's
Please  note that tutus are transparent.Tulle is naturally sheer, no matter how  many layers you add, in some lights or flashes they can still be seen  through. That's the way they are made.Tutus are made to be worn with  something under them, unless your daring or order them with an  underskirt. Tutus go great with Leggings, Jennings,Tights, mini skirts,  body suits, cute booty shorts, or even jeans! Underskirts can also be  added in the option menu.

What are underskirts made from and what are they for? Our  underskirt is a simple piece of fabric sewn to the underside of the  tutu. Usually made from stretch knit unless the color is unavailable it  is made from satin. This is the best way to have your tutu wearable if  you do not want it see though and want to wear just the tutu.

These  are not your traditional dance tutus! they are meant to be poofy, and  stand up and out! they are all made from high quality soft bridal tulle,  not the stiff stuff. They are all completely sewn and can be washed!

Are  tutu's Are 100% machine sewn. Meaning, these tutus are not hand tied  and then sewn over. We Gather all fabric on a serger, and then sew them  onto a fabric covered elastic/or fabric stretch band. These tutus are  able to be washed and worn many times since they are made this way,  where hand tied tutus can not be.

Please  note I use the same amount of material no matter what size is bought. A  Xlarge size may seem more see through or less poofy, but it is the same  amount of tulle. If you think you would need more material the be sure  to add that to your order in the options menu.

Amount of fabric used: You  will see that I have two styles of tutus. Some say 25-50yrds of fabric,  where others say 100-300yards of fabric. Why the difference?  On tutus  where you see 25-50yards, these tutus are all being made from rolls of  tulle that are 54" wide, and made with 25-50yards  worth of pieces for each tutu to be gathered and made. This creates a  tutu anywhere from 2-4 layers made with wide pieces gathered together.
100-300yards+  tutu's which i call "streamers" are made from 6" rolls of tulle. It  takes more of these style to create 1-2layers for a tutu, and since  there strips they create a different effect, but use more fabric to make  them full. This style is still gathered and sewn to a waistband to be  fully washable and durable for a long time.

Need a custom size? We can make any of our designs in Adult, Plus, and children sizes! just ask  


We accept, credit cards and Paypal at  this time only. We will not ship any items until full payment is in  hand. If paying with an echeck or rush order extra fee and you have a  deadline for your item place take this into consideration. Echecks  through paypal may take 3-5 business days to clear. Items paid for with  an e-check will not be shipped until the check clears.   


We ship world wide!
All Items are shipped by USPS. This is the only way I ship.

 All shipping prices are based on USPS current rates and for First class  and Priority mail boxes. For anywhere out of the US, we now ship them  first class, but we can upgrade to international priority or express if  needed. Just remember your item can not be tracked fully with first  class mail this way, and we can not tell you when it will arrive.

 All little items such as skeleton hands, Tails, arm and leg warmers are  shipped first class mail to the US and international. This is to keep  shipping cost as low as possible. but any item can be upgraded upon  request.

Any item can be shipped overnight, just ask.

**Please make sure that your paypal and or check out address is correct. We are not responsible for wrong address.

 Any Packages that go unclaimed and shipped back to me must be paid  again to ship out. I am not responsible to pay shipping on any unclaimed  packages.

**All International Packages, please note that I have no control over customs which may affect shipping time. We are not responsible for any taxes or fees.
 **Also note that with first class international mail it does not have a  tracking number, and if for some reason it gets lost, there is noting  that can be done about it, but wait to see if you or I get it. If you  want to upgrade shipping contact me before buying.   

Refunds and Exchanges

If you have any problems with an item  Please contact within 24hours of getting your item. I can not do  anything if you tell me a month later that your item is broken/damaged.

We  do not accept returns on any items. If you have any issues with your  item, please contact us and we would be glad to help and see what we can  do.

Please Measure  yourself if you are not sure what size to buy! We am not responsible for  you buying the wrong size. If you like the way things fit on your waist  measure there, if you like them low on your hips then take that  measurement and pick the size that is smaller then that. Our tutus have a  ton of stretch in them! If you measure at a size 28 for example, your  going to want a size small 26"-36" stretch. If you are unsure of your  size, please ask. I am willing to help. All my sizes are true to our  measurements.

Due to  health regulations we can not accept returns on any of our hair falls,  veils or hats. We are more then willing to work with you if you are  upset about something, but we can not return the item. If you have any  problem or questions, please feel free to contact us.   

Additional Policies and FAQs

Since  we are a small company, we can not offer extremly low discounts on our  work, but we can offer something. If you are thinking about placing a  large order, please contact us with what you would like to order, how  many and where it would be shipped to, and we can see what price we can  offer to you.

We also take dance teams, bridal party, bachelorette party, Birthday party, roller derby or anything for large orders!

Thank You and Enjoy!